Ottawa Fibromyalgia Support Group
The Ottawa Fibromyalgia Support Group (OFSG) aims to help chronic pain sufferers with FM/CF and ME by sharing information on its website, mailing lists and at our meetings.  This information shall in no way be considered to be professional medical advice or clinical treatment. Sufferers of the above noted conditions are advised to seek appropriate medical advise and treatment. 

Nothing done by the OFSG constitutes an endorsement of any product or treatment learned about through the OFSG website or e-mails.  The OFSG assumes no direct or indirect liability resulting from the use or misuse of information contained or referred to on the website, mailing lists and at our meetings. 

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The OFSG does not collect information that personally identifies individuals, except when they volunteer to provide such information. Information gathered in this manner will not be sold or shared without the express, informed permission of the individual.